Revolutions and Revelations

by Only Sleeping

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Recorded in November 2010 at Wavelength Studios, Brisbane, with Dave Atkins and Tony McCall.


released April 20, 2011

Written by Only Sleeping, produced by Dave Atkins.



all rights reserved


Only Sleeping Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Deciduous Me
As the sun cracks through the sky, this new life breaks through the soil.
Its roots, take hold, branches grow.
forging new connections and
influencing ideals the nourishing light sprouts new leaves,
adorning the strong and developed branches with such beauty
as this testament to strength and independance, refuses any detriment.
as the time passes and the sun falls from the sky,
so too do the once vibrant
leaves fall from steadfast branches.
this pillar of strength will still, admit no detriment
as there remain glowing beacons
of optimism clinging to the framework of life spent
loving, learning and supporting
before too long
this tree
is left bare

as the bountiful signs of life that once graced this soil dissolve into dust and become nothing more
than the sum of branches grown, the relationships forged and sapliongs cultivated.
this earth is now deprived of one selfless beauty, but will never be deprived of a
reminder of what once was.

this earth is now deprived of one selfless beauty, but will never be deprived of a reminder of what once was
as it becomes clear
a new day breaks
this tree didnt need its leaves
half as much as it cherished its branches
Track Name: Of Blind Shepherds
logic silenced by law, under the guise of protection
fact silenced by faith, their theist principles go unquestioned
our doomsayer gephetto pulls the strings
inanimate we wait to see what he brings

fact silenced by faith, faith thats considered fact

unable to question, unable to fight
the very hands we use have strings pulled tight

Altruism is freedom
sometimes there is no choice but to perform
the lesser of necessary evils.

these deeds will not go unsung,your release will finally come

Im a real boy.